A1. Coco The Gorilla
Pinku Saido - Poketto 12"
A2. 4th Dimension
Pinku Saido - Poketto 12"
A3. Farting Clouds
Pinku Saido - Poketto 12"
A4. Laughing War
Pinku Saido - Poketto 12"
B1. Lunch
Pinku Saido - Poketto 12"
B2. SSDP (Soy Sauce Double Punch)
Pinku Saido - Poketto 12"
B3. Chasing Sundays
Pinku Saido - Poketto 12"
front cover small back cover fsmall A1. Coco The Gorilla 歌詞
A2. 4th Dimension 歌詞
A3. Farting Clouds 歌詞
A4. Laughing War 歌詞
B1. Lunch 歌詞
B2. SSDP 歌詞
B3. Chasing Sundays 歌詞

Recorded on 21 - 23 October, 2016 at Hell Doya by Flo Spector.

Guitars re-recorded on December 5, 2016 at Saint Maxime Basement Sudio by Bruno Germain.

Mixed and mastered in December 2016 and January 2017 at Saint Maxime Basement Sudio by Bruno Germain.

Artwork by Ivan Brun.

insert front small insert back small
label a small label b small

Press info (495 copies) - Black Hole / Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu ? / Maloka / Mutant Rds / No Way Asso

2 different kinds of lyric sheets, hand numbered with a blue woodblock print, a "/495" stamp and the printing date :

- 60 copies with a "DISTRO BLACKHOLE !" stamp

- 60 copies with a "DISTRO MALOKA !" stamp

- 100 copies with a "DISTRO MON CUL !" stamp

- 120 copies with a "DISTRO MUTANT !" stamp

- 60 copies with a "DISTRO NO WAY ASSO !" stamp

- 95 copies with different kinds of stamps for people who contributed and also copies sold at shows with the venue, date and city where the show took place.